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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 24, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> that breaking news you are looking at right now from sky 7 hd west bond 5 80 closed has been for awhile because of a large group of protestors blocking the freeway between like shore and park boulevard. >> just few minutes ago some of those demonstrators made their way on to eastbound 5 80 and have slowed traffic there as well on the westbound side. police and chp were eventually able to set up a lane of officers and cars on the freeway to prevent them from moving freely on to the interstate 30. have been several calls for help from
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trapped motorist this evening. >> good evening thanks for joining us. i am amma. >> and i'm dan ashley. this is all happening because of the decision by the grand jury announced late today that there will be no charges filed against the police officer involved in the fatal shooting of mechanical brown in august. officer was darren wilson who shot and killed the teenager 18-year-old makeal brown in august in ferguson, missouri. the decision from the grand jury today no charges filed against that police officer. >> and michael brown family and the president calling for calm and peace in the protest but nasa ferguson there is unrest happening right now and now we have this. 5 80 shut down bus of protestors on the freeway. >> one of our one of our employee, manager paul a is on the telephone around the area are you there. >> i am dan. >> where are you exactly what's going on? >> i am on 5 80 eastbound between the harrison and like
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shore off ramp as i was driving home from the station tonight the a police officer sped past me right around the harrison street exit and now i'm at a complete standstill. i captain see any protestors but i see a lot of taillight and traffic not michlingt where you are, are people staying in their cars. >> if people are in their cars. there are more officers trying to get through so they are trying to m nuvrment 2 suv just passed me now approaching the like shore exit. everyone is still in their cars. you know it's moving now there's there's about 4 suv police officer units passing by. paula how long have you been stuck in that same relative area roughl roughly. >> probably about seven or eight minutes now. >> okay. does it look like you are going to be stuck for awhile longer or not going anywhere any time sichbility now with the presence of these officers i think it will be a little while.
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>> okay. paula thanks very much. on the phone with us one of our abc 7 college who is stuck in traffic as a result of this protest. thanks paula. >> and again this is a leif look there in on 5 80 but also take a live look here in ferguson missouri where you see all these protestors. announcement came in just after 6 tonight and within moments we started to see scenes like thi this. the. >> demonstrators erupt on the street aron the ferguson police station smashing win o. torching cars. shots also fired. >> we are in ferguson with the latest. >>reporter: officer daryn wilson walking free. >> no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson. >>reporter: more than three months after he shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown grand jury decided today wilson will not face any charges. >> we need to accept this decision was the grand jury to make. but i join michael
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parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to did so peacefully. >> about officer gets away with murder. >> protest turn unrulyy with shots fired demonstrators vandalize ago squad car throwing molotov cocktail at police. law enforcement officials worry what we see tonight could continue to intensify and they say they are prepared with 1,000 extra officers on the streets the national guard and fbi also here ready to offer back up. meanwhile we are told brown's mother breakdown in tears when she learned the grand jury decision. family saying justice was not served. officer wilson still in hiding now free if he which iss to continue to work in law enforcements. in app effort to be transparent the couldn't prosecutor says nearly all of the evidence the grand jury rae view entered reaching this decision will be released to the public. this is abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> take you back now to live
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pictures from sky 7 hd. over 5 80 in oakland where you see a heavy police presence. a lot of lights flashing. protestors have made their way on to the highway. police trying to make sure they can keep people from getting hurt first and foremost but keep traffic moving but as you can see there's a big traffic mess as a result westbound 5:80 is closed because of the demonstrators. >> this is between like shore and park boulevard where people have just made their way out into the streets. you can see how many people even off to the side of the street have just come out. they have been out since even before the announcement was made on the fact that not be indicting officer wilson. >> that's right. the protestors are demonstrating began gathering couple hours before announcement read at 7:00 o'clock tonight and actually read a little bit after no i'm sorry after 6:00 o'clock. demonstrators waiting
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for the decision in the street streets. about they are calm and so far no violence in oakland thank goodness about the hope police would avoid and commuters hate to get caught in but so far not violent as it nasa ferguson tonight. cars on fear some shots fired. wonder s broken. that's the sort of thing happening in ferguson, missouri since the decision was announced. >> it's the westbound lanes shut down there on 5:80. eastbound lanes still moving. have been calls for help from trapped motorist. scared not sure what to do in this situation as police have their lean of cars there across where it's not going. we can show you where some of the protest have been happening tonight because this all started at 1 14th and broadway at franco georgia washington plaza. >> police station is there at seventh and broadway where she proceeded outside the police
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station to make their presence and presence and opinion hear. as we report here they mav now to that area between like shore and 5 80 and closed part of the westbound section in that area because they have manageed to get on the road. >> there were also protest around like merritt now in san francisco more than a dozen protestors gather in the mission to rally against the decision today. they called for the arrest of officer daryn wilson and said police violence is a national problem. >> demonstration did rae main peaceful which is exactly what the president hoped to foster as he spoke about the decision and protest just after 7:00 o'clock tonight. >> that's right. he called for calm in missouri as well as across the country. >> michael brown parents have lost more than anyone we should be honoring their wishes. i also appeal to the law
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enforcement officials in ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that mayo occur. understand our police officers newtown lives on the line for us every single day. we have a tough job to do. maintain public safety and hold accountable those who break the law. as they do their job in the coming days. they need to work with the community not against the community to distinguish the handful of people who may use the grand jury decision as an skaws for violence. extinguish them from the vast majority who just want their voices heard around legitimate issues. in terms of how communities and law enforcement interact. >> and here in the bay area our breaking news. not so much violence but there are people blocking the westbound lanes of
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5 80 between like shore and park boulevard and in fact one of our colleagues photo journa journalist chris is on the phone tell us where you are right now. you are in your vehicle trying to get to the location. >> no i'm actually at the right outside the trader joe walgreens grand like area on the off ramp where the generally peaceful protestors are. you heard that care restraint the president mention entered his speech i'm really seeing a lot of that out here tonight by the chp and o pd slowly pushing these protestors off the freeway. taking care to avoid any really violent confrontation. at one point protesttors jumped the barrier which is about 6 feet and get on to the east bound lanes but pushed back by police in riot geevrment several people detained but then let go after protestors chanted to let them go. and the protest, if you
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can take the aerial shot if you have that it's sort of slowly moving off of this westbound ramp rate here in front of walgreens in the grand like area. generally very peaceful. a lot of chanting and again i have not yet seen any actual arrest here but definitely the face-to-face confrontation. a lot of shouting. there were a few bottles thrown at one point but i don't think any of the officers were hit t.if you cap see from before, there's easily a dozen to 2 dozen cars. and it look like now traffic is moving through. i'm seeing the regular cars moving through the chp is letting them through single file. >> we can. >> we cap. you have covered many stories like this over the years. what's your experience tell you these things sort of ebb and flow like a wave. is this increasing in intense 40 what you can tell or decreasin decreasing? can you get a sense of that at all. >> i think it's sort of i mean the protestors moving back down
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the ramp tell unfortunately i just saw a news van get smashed here but. >> what do you mean by smashed hit with something or hit by a car. >> yes. they were breaking the windows. the blue van by trader joe if you can see that on the aerial picture. generally just feels like the people want to vent. protestors obviously upset. a decision they are disappointed. they want to vent the anger and come together and the discuss these issues but again the police are showing a lot of rae straent and sort of allowing the prosecute towstors to vent slowly de-escalateing the situation that is really the key to not having anything really terrible happen tonight. >> let's hope that's the case. thanks chris photographer chris on the phone be safe. >> thank you. >> you can see the walgreens in front. the neon lights. >> trader joe. >> yes i can see the waldren's as well and unfortunately he said he saw a news van getting
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smashed with f-pushes you to escalation but at the same time we see some of the carts being able to go through on westbound 5 80 where police were blocking all the lanes prior. >> it could very well be a long night in oakland. ferguson and other communities around the country where similar scenes being played out but stay here with us. we'll be back with 7 news at 9 on
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>> live picture from ferguson missouri where cell different scene much more violent of course this is ground zero of this decision today involving michael brown the teen shot by officer daryn wilson back in august. the grand jury deciding today that the officer will not be charged. to be honest we didn't know what is burning but a number of cars that have been litton fire there in ferguson, missouri tonight. >> here locally we have seen 5 80 worst is 5 80 west bond being shut down the between park and like shore. that's what you are lacking at right there you see a lot of people milling about. news van was getting smashed but beyond that we haven't really heard of anything too violent. a lot of people stopping cars in traffi
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traffic. >> let's hope it stays away that we'll continue to follow it and update on the twitter feed as well. 7 news bay area we get back to that as need be but move on for a he moment. smart phone robbery are rampant but rarely lead to murder. this morning in san francisco tell triangle young man shot to death at-ri street over a cell phone. here's vic lee. >> michael close friends mourn his death in disbelief at the spot where he died. >> few days ago in my room talking. the i never thought this would happen. >> the my best friend. >>reporter: homicide inspectors and patrol officers comb the neighborhood lacking for more evidence that could lead to arrest. numerous homes on the street have security camera which could identify the killers. michael was shot to death shortly after midnight here on henry street in the triangle. >> with his girlfriend and
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group of people and westportal. just had pizza and he dropped his girlfriend off and was on his way home. to my house. >>reporter: he had been staying with maria's family. he never made it back. as he and 2 friends walk down henry street 5 people jump out of a car and robbed them at gun point. they shot him then took his smart phone and backpack as word of the deadly robbery got out in the quiet tree line street, neighbors respondd with alarm. >> shocking. i mean really thinks always been a very peaceful neighborhood. >>reporter: his friends remember him as caring giving person. he worked at restaurant where he displays that part of his character. >> when they close instead of throwing away the food make would about it up and give it to the homeless people around. >>reporter: maria says marquez had one thing in his backpack that hopefully will make his killers think long and hard about what they did. he
9:18 pm
carried this bible in the backpack. that was ins there that bible. >>reporter: now police source tells us he was shot when he resisted giving his possessions to the robbers. no arrest have been made. >> we want to go back to breaking news right now this is happening in oakland t.d. you cap see chp is letting a few cars through because of the decision by the grand jury in ferguson not indict the white officer that killed the black teenager. >> no charges filed against the officer and protestors here in the bay area san francisco as well and here in oakland of course in ferguson, by sewer where this happened. shooting in august and other sites around the country waited all day today for the decision to be announced. 6:00 o'clock our time and they are ready to take the streets to the streets and certainly have. we are glad to tell you that so far there have
9:19 pm
been no significant problems in terms of real violence car win 0smashed maybe news van we understand was attacked an not long ago but that's the worst we are aware other than discorruption to traffic here in the bay area that we are aware of at this point. >> fact alan is on the ground in the vicinity and he's reporting that maybe some chp vehicle have also been smashed. trieder joe also shut down. we have alan ready to go in the area. >> there's trader joe on the left there. >> right now shut down you can see because so many people right outside. >> yes you are not going to want to to any shopping there tonight. we stay on this for you as the evening progresses and continues. so stay here with us for that. we'll update you. see just really chaotic scene on on the streets in oakland. protestors and police everywhere. so far hasn't escalated beyond that that we
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are certainly glad by. keeping tab on. that but spencer keeping a tab on the weather and rain. >> we might get quite a nice soaking after the series of sunny mild almost spring like days. amazing how quickly the weather changes. here's live doppler 7hd clear sky over the bay area right now. cloud remained far offshore all throughout the day and evening hours exploratorium and 50 degrees across the bay in oakland. 49 san mateo north bay chilly already and out tows hayward it was fairfield 46 degrees 46 petaluma. 47 in nap a.49 santa rosa. on we good to live view from the sutro tower cam are looking out over san francisco. wither in a period of did he cling air quality tomorrow it's a winter spare the air day. poorest air quality expected to be in the north bay. not great anywhere around the bay area no. wood burning allowed under the law. from our camera here we look at
9:21 pm
the forecast feature on this mainly clear evening. it's clear and chilly overnight especially inland where we are cold in some spots. mild afternoon through thursday then wet pattern celts in at the end of the week. take us through the weekend into early next week. satellite image shows high pressure. dominant feature in our weather picture rate now. bring us mild dry weather through thanksgiving day. but then this active string of storms systems come in off the pacific bring us some rainy weather beginning late friday continuing in monday. speaking of rainy weather over in the east coast holiday travel beginning wed difficult before thanksgiving. big storm right along the mid atlantic coast. snow inland written along the coast and last through the day wed in thursday morning. thanksgiving day. pull away taking most of it energy with it but still some areas of snow hyped in the midwest and northeast rain on the coast and likely travel
9:22 pm
delay significantly ones going to the or from the east coast. back to the bay area overnight low skies. low pressure dropping in the 40's most location upper 30's up in the north bay. and tomorrow high under sunny sky low 70's in the south by. 72 san jose on the peninsula. low 70's as well. upper 60's on the coast so mailed day from coast to inland downtown san francisco hay of 69 tomorrow. low 70's up in the north bay from santa rosa to sonoma to napa east bay high 72 at oakland 72 at fremont and inland east bay in the same range right around or just above 70 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast again spairt air day tomorrow. pleasant day. $1 million one but not great air quality things should im paragraph on wednesday and thursday also mild becoming cloudy and friday it's rainy and perhaps quite wet saturday sunday and monday and we need it. >> look forward to it. >> comes after the thanksgiving
9:23 pm
holiday. >> perfect. couldn't be better. thanks. >> stay with us. bricking news continue also. we are live over oakland where protestors continuing to make their feelings known about the california foster children,r 0 the holidays can be an especially difficult time.
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>> following our breaking news. this is live look in ferguson, missouri. you see the flames shooting up there. this is a storage facility set on fir by a looter. also a little caesar pizza shop. that building is burning as well. >> a number of shops apparently have been torched in ferguson, missouri which is of course where this shooting officer daryn wilson shot and killed unarmed teenager ler michael
9:27 pm
brown, african american. daryn wilson a white police officer shot and killed him after confrontation in august of this year. all of this happening because of a grand jury decision today. not to indict the officer. no charges filed against them. the investigation revealed that according to the investigation the procedure was followed that there was no criminal act here. >> we've been seeing the people out on the streets of ferguson for showers now and associated press is of reporting that faa is restricting the path of some flights into lambert st. louis enter until airport because of all this unrest that is happening in ferguson and there its some unrest here in the bay area as well. fortunately not to that level where we see flames anywhere but we have some freeway shut down here. >> this is pictures of 5 80 and the like shore area like shore road and some protestors have gotten on to if the freeway
9:28 pm see a motorist presumably trying to get through and with any luck that will go without any problem because people get very frustrated and agitate entered situation like this and it does not take much. for something to turn very, very nasty. that person now proceeding along their way. >> a police officer apparently escorted that person out but for short time we were starting to see a lane of cars being able to go around officers and continue on their way on west bound 5 80 but no longer the case because so many people there on the freeway. eastbound still manufacturing. talking to some of our colleague in the area. one of the photo journalist who is outside the wall greens trader joe which is just to the side there off of the freeway and news van was smashed and we talk to reporter alan wong who said chp cars were getting vandalize as well. now it loo
9:29 pm
looks like both sides may be shut down or at least close to being completely shut down. so the protestors manage to find their way on to the freeway and close down the section of 5 80. so far police have done a pretty good job of keeping from it getting any further out of hand than that. but there have been some altercation, verbal altercation shouting matches with the demonstrators and you can see people milling around the cars. >> couple people with bic there. obviously scary for anybody who is in the car. >> yes. veryntimidating. >> people surrounding you. frightening. calls for help from motorist. >> sups bring probably quite alarmed when they see something happening around them. takes a moment somebody throw as punch is says the wrong thing and sudden 30 things east ka lit. >> we are following this closely on air and on line. follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area back with more from follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area back with more from fergus
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>> back now to ferguson, missouri. you can see that there is a lot of smoke in the air because the flames from the storage facility burning litton fire by demonstrators has stopped somewhat a number of nls have been burned tonight. >> the pets a shop also burned. this is live on the ground you can see all the police officers and riot gear talking to protestors. talking to each other right there. we have seen the flames we have seen people in the streets and the president and michael brown family everybody calling for calm. now that they have learned that the grand jury decided there will be no indictment against the officer who shot and killed makeal brown but we are still seeing a lot of protest going on there and here. >> mcal brown of course the
9:34 pm
young black man shot by the white police officer but again the grand jury deciding there were no grounds upon which to file charges. protestors in ferguson began to march as soon as the prosecuting attorney made the announcement today t.this is a group of protestors in front of the ferguson police department. basically they decided that the officer shot in self-defense. evidence didn't support the indictment and this is a look if there's the officer right there who has been in question and kind of wept in hiding ever since this happened. >> daryn wilson and michael brownies really not heard from since and i suppose if you are if his position there was a lot of anger direct the at him. parole for his own safety. >> those pictures we saw just there were from shortly after the announcement when things were still a little more calm but this is a live look and we have our reporters out on our streets in the bay area. >> we do because we have seen a lot of activity in the 5 80
9:35 pm
area. alan is on the ground force. what do you have t.are you there. >> yes. >> we are watching this stand off hear. you may be seeing it from sky 7 hd the. this is the the boulevard run along 5 80. protestors marched up the mcarthur boulevard and there were several squad cars that followed them and ran right up behind them with syrians blaring. that's when the entire mob started to turn around and confront them. they started throwing bottles. all kind of objects back at the cop cars. the police cars began retreating. put it in the reverse and began slowly backing up. they went back down to the intersection. look like they have disbursed and the mob is cupid of claiming a victory here. but they are all
9:36 pm
pretty much up here on mcarthur boulevard at stand off and we just heard a police officer say if you march down here, you will good to jail. so they are just trying to figure out what they are going to, the protestors going to did right now and looks like another group is coming around the corner to join them. so this group of protestors is about to double in size. >> did you happen to see where some is of the chp vehicle getting smashed. people vandalizing the vehicle. >> this happened down by trader joe. we understand this there were some police cars chp squad cars had the window smashed out of them. that's also where 2 people were arrested as well because they were trying to walk up the ramp. >> rate. a lieutenant of the places like trader joe has shut did you know. there's one restaurant open in the area manageed to stay open but a lot of place have shut down because
9:37 pm
as you are talking if they are watching you can see the grand avenue off ramp right there but thinks 5 80 in the like shore area between park and like shore where basically a mob of peel open the freeway have shut down 5 80. >> right. the. >> yes from what i understand that's still going on so this thing is moving from place to place and the mr. is are just trying to out flank them wherever they go. but they are meeting lot of angry people. >> looks like what we are seeing from if sky 7 hd this group has grope. are you getting a sense of that where you are. >> yes, i am. in fact as i mention look like a group of about 100 people just marched around to join this much larger group of protestors perched uphill here on the hill at mcarthur boulevard. and standing here. i guess they
9:38 pm
will do what they want to do whenever it happens. >> the you know. >> don't go -- >> it's hard to sea look like a lot of people milling about. the alan does it seem like people are getting revved-up at this point or just kind of coming together? >> they are all coming together. the more people that show up the louder they get and more excited they get and the scarier it gets out here. >> no doubt that's exactly the fear. >> alan definitely get a sense that the tension is escalating. >> definitely. a news truck not one of ours has also been damaged out here so we are being very careful not to be seen or heard out here. that's why i'm talking to you on a phone. >> want to keep all of our crew safe and everybody safe. police are hoping things don't
9:39 pm
get out of hand because they want people safe too. >> stay safe keep us up to date appreciate it very much. but this is what if the family of michael brown calls for today. calm and reasoned response. >> protest but just. >> be don't get out of hand that's what president obama asked the nation to do 7:00 o'clock when he spoke to the nation. most people will do exactly that. most people will just express their displeasure with this decision or circumstances in general in the country from us state them most people will exercise the rights to free speech responsibly but always be some would choose this to be an excuse to create some problems. >> yes we keep a close eye on the protest here and in ferguson on line on air. we'll be back after a quick
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>> the decision not to indict not to press charges against daryn wilson the police officer who shot michael brown in ferguson, missouri has touched off literally a fire storm in ferguson tonight. you are looking at live pictures a number of businesses have been torched by protestors. angry at the grand jury decision. >> yes storage facility apparently a little pets a place on fire and a little a lot of unrest going on there. you still see some flames. it's a live shot so sometimes it comes in and out. people flooding the streets and we see people in the bay area flooding the 5 80 area in oakland. >> that's right. we have pictures of. that look at the police press. and the protestors on 5 80 at like shore in oakland area. shutting down the freeway and police have been trying to keep cars moving as best they cap and trying to keep this from
9:44 pm
turning into a free for all but you can see the line of police at the top em of your screen there in riot gear. just at the top at the end where the hood of the cars are. the you can see police in re ought gea gear. many a line of demarcation keep them from going farther forward. >> one car getting through right there. but the people they just seem to be milling around very scary for the people in the cars but we have heard of some, the news van in the area was smashed. trader joe shut down but that's the most we have heard of right notch you can immanuel it is. >> a little smoke or something there on the right side. not sure what is happening 30. we do we have to see what that is. an paula one of our managers here at the television station is on the tell. paula you live in the area and had kuwait the adventure getting home. you are back home safely now i understand. >> i am home safely. i live on
9:45 pm
like shore avenue right around like merritt and this all started for me on my drive home from the station. there were the lines and lines of police cars blocking pretty much every exit in the like shore park boulevard area. i was able to get off surface street hope. i will say that like shore avenue itself. we have had it clocked off and on letting residents through. if i would highly advice anybody who doesn't live directly on like shore avenue to avoid the like area they have her hands full getting cars from being in the business district on like shore avenue. >> you were across from all the activity we are seeing right now on sky 7 hd where cars aren't getting through at all. was it scary for you knowing what was going on and the fact that were you slowed down there and just stopped. >> certainly was. if i were on
9:46 pm
the same side of the freeway as the protestors it certainly would have been a little bit more scary the it was definitely kind of a police state like i said just lines and lines of police officers the in riot gear in their cars blocking the exits. >> did you have to go by a lot of protestors. you were not in this from sky 7 but did you see protestors near where your car waichlts on the east bound side on the west side side on trader joe there was a really large group of people. one thing the police officers have to deal with is once they get the protestors off the freeway and on to the city street. that trader joe you mention is now closed that was one of the areas where protestors had gathered in large numbers and so that has been closed as a result. if. >> that trader joe is adjacent to several blocks of several
9:47 pm
small businesses. >> right we can see the waldren's on the corner there. in the general neighborhood where you were are there a lot of people milling about or mainly in the concentrated area kind of by the trader joychlt it seems very, at this time of night at the like you usually sea joggers and people running around the like. absolutely nobody doing that. so it does seem very quiet here. and also fewer cars but i think that's a lot to do with the police trying to keep people out of the area. >> right we see right now the as if everybody kind of gathering in one center part of the 5 80 westbound. not sure what they are gathering around might be from an officer car but kind of spread out but they seem to be moving in toward one vehicle or something right now it's hard to tell it's so dark out. >> well these are leif pictures from sky 7 hd. thanks very
9:48 pm
much paula. open the phone from abc 7 who lives in the area. glad you made it become okay. thanks for come on with us we appreciate it. >> this is a live picture from sky 7 hd. you can see now the it's well over 100 maybe couple hundred people on the 5 80 freeway see at the top of the screen darkness you can see police officers you recognize the helmet with the little protective shield over the eyes flashing in the darkness that's how you can tell. >> almost look like they are starting to get people off the freeway. hate to say it too early but you see the largely concentration of people moving to the right a bit. >> and again what happened at 6:00 o'clock for few minutes after maybe 10:00 o'clock the grand jury decided that it was announced that no charges will be filed against daryn wilson the white plaintiff who shot 18-year-old mackal brown the african american teenager in ferguson, missouri back in august. since then the emotions have been bubbling
9:49 pm
over in ferguson and around the country we wait for the grand jury decision today. >> yes. afterward we tip to follow this but we'll take a short brake right now and bring you the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holiys in a german-engineered volkswagen.
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the. >> all right taking another live look on the left in oakland on the right ferguson you can see the flames in ferguson. that's an auto zone. we see buildings on fire storage facility we heard of a little caesar pizza building on fire as well. >> couple other businesses too. several businesses and cars. windows smash. i know of at least a couple cars burned in ferguson including a police car i believe. in oakland it hasn't come to that yet thanks goodness but it's still very tense situation this as hundreds of people find their way on to 5 80 shutting down
9:53 pm
the freeway at like shore and amma it looks like tear gas probably. >> like a canister. a little too much to be flare or anything like that but this is 5 80 westbound which was shut down because all the protestors walked on to the street you can see them now off to the side of the street. you can see it's very dark but you can see police in the riot gear above the writing. >> it looks like you are exactly right it looks like hard to tell but it looks like they are the ones setting off that. could be tear gas to keep people from the the going back on to the highway now that they have got most people off. >> again this is all in response to the grand jury decision today in ferguson behinding there's no probable cause to indict officer daryn wilson for criminally shooting and killing 18-year-old michael brown. >> always tense about these situation is when the people gather and police are there it's a kinder box and one wrong thing said one punch thrown and suddenly.
9:54 pm
>> just explodes. >> it explodes that's what we are hopeful that doesn't happen hear tonight. but so far protestors made their point. they manage to block a major interstate or major freeway i should say. but there has been no violence associated with that but there have been a little bit of vandalism. news van was smashed up a little bi bit. >> but nothing if we are just watching. i was watching the ferguson feed as well. now we get a better look of the flames that one of the buildings. i don't know if we can quickly take that. >> there we go. >> sad unfortunate but just temper are flowing right now after the grand jury decision. >> all right stay with us. 7 sawsz.t 9
9:55 pm
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9:57 pm
>> all right take a look live on the left is sky 7 hd pictures of oakland. on your right in the box a helicopter picture live from ferguson, missouri which is really ground zero at this decision today by
9:58 pm
the grand jury not to indict officer daryn wilson in the shooting of michael brown. no grounds the grand jury decided for criminal charges against the police officer. >> protestors have been in the streets for hours. smashing things and buildings on fire as we see there. in the bay area it has been a little bit different. shut down west bond 5 80 between park and like shore avenue as hundreds of protestors just are on the highway. trader joe and walgreens right off the freeway there and they have shut down the for the night because people are everywhere. reports of cars being smashed. >> we have talked to people can you go one of our own employees manager here who lives in the area and took some time to get home because they had to find sort of fight their way through the treats with protestors and police on the streets. she made it home safely but lots of commuters are quite delayed tonight by this and 0no doubt many frustrated. many probably scared if you are in the crowd and not sure how things will
9:59 pm
turn. >> alan is in the ground spoke to him by phone because we have to all try to stay safe in the situation and police have been out in the riot gear. haven't heard of any mainly injury or things like that. >> coming up on 7 news at 11:00 we are following the breaking news in oakland and in ferguso ferguson. >> huge crowd as we said shut down 5 80 in oakland following the ferguson decision. we have the latest from here and around the country there are other protest. >> plus i have a special report tonight that we put together in 3 minutes everything you own could go up in flames. why homes are burning down faster than ever. i have this story for you. join us tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> always follow the latest open twitter at abc bay area. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. join us >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. join us again if you canon one hour on
10:00 pm
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